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Sleep Onesie

Sleep Onesie

The Sleep Onesie is a TOG-rated sleep sack alternative, designed to be worn on its own during sleep or with a Layer/PJs underneath for warmth and comfort. These are the perfect option for toddlers or preschoolers transitioning into a big bed, sleepwalkers, kids who kick off their blankets, or little starfish who don't like the restriction of a sleep sack. The Sleep Onesie is made from and filled with GOTS certified organic cotton that is non-toxic and gentle on irritable skin. The stretchy material allows your little one to move freely and stay comfortable for sleep. The 3-way zip configuration is helpful for overnight diaper changes or toilet trips, and foot cuffs add extra warmth for little toes.

The Sleep Onesie 2.5 TOG is perfect as a winter onesie, as it will keep babies and kids cosy during sleep in room temperatures of 63-73°F. The TOG rating means there is no need for additional blankets in the cot when using this product, making it a safe-sleep option. 

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Body, Sleeves & Lining: 95% Organic Cotton / 5% Elastane
Filling: 100% Organic Cotton

Shipment - Warranty & Returns

Your order will be delivered to the contracted logistics company in 2 business days at the latest. Your order is sent in a box made of 100% recycled paper. When your order is delivered to the contracted logistics company, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information. Shipments within Turkey are free of charge.
Exchange & Return
You have a free / uninterrupted right of exchange or return within 14 days after the sleeping bag has been delivered to you. Please check the product after you receive it from the cargo. In case of a damaged product, it is sufficient to inform with your order number. After the process starts, a new product will be sent as soon as possible. Important Information! There is no free exchange or refund for damaged products.


Gentle cold machine wash in mild detergent. Do not soak or bleach. Tumble Dry Low. Moderately Hot Iron. Drycleanable (P).

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Ortam sıcaklığı ve TOG:

What is TOG?

A TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a unit of measurement for insulation and warmth of sleepwear and bedding. Put simply, the lower the TOG rating, the lighter the fabric. The higher the rating, the more padded and insulated it is. With TOG-rated sleepwear, you do not need additional blankets in your child’s sleep space.

How should babies be dressed during sleep?

Babies sleep better in natural fabrics because even if the temperature of the room changes, in natural fibers your baby's temperature remains constant throughout the night and as a result, their sleep is not interrupted by sweating/chills. Natural fabrics help them sleep warm on a cold night and cool and comfortable on a hot night. In ergoPouch sleepwear, only natural fibers such as organic cotton and bamboo are used because these materials are the most beneficial in keeping the body at an even temperature. The filling material of all the overalls with inner filling is 100% organic cotton.

We usually recommend that you start by wearing a thin undershirt underneath your swaddle or sleeping bag. As every baby is different, please check before choosing an underwear:

What is the temperature in the room?
When determining the temperature level of your baby's room, please keep in mind that it is likely to be at different temperatures during the day.
How warm is your baby?
Check your baby's chest or back. It is normal for babies to have cold arms or legs as their blood circulation is more intense at the extremities. Your doctor will confirm this information. The choice of short/long sleeve underwear or ergoPouch sleepwear is up to you.

TOG examples

0.2 TOG is the thickness of a thin combed cotton, 1.0 TOG is the thickness of a thin cardigan without filling and 2.5 TOG is the thickness of a quilt. In general, our mothers who use quilts for night sleep prefer our 2.5 TOG sleeping bags. 2.5 TOG overalls do not have padding on the sleeves. Our families who use quilts or blankets generally prefer 2.5 TOG. Most of our families prefer 1.0 TOG in spring and 0.2 TOG in summer. In addition, our 0.2 TOG and 1.0 TOG can be layered under all our other ergoPouch products to ensure maximum comfort.For example, if the room is between 22-23°C...1. Put on a thin undershirt (or 0.2 TOG ergoPouch sleepwear)2. Put on 1.0 or 2.5 TOG ergoPouch sleepwear over it, providing back/chest control.3. You can wear a butterfly cardigan over your swaddling bag, especially if the temperature drops at night.*There are no ergoPouch sleeping bags suitable for use at temperatures of 28 degrees and above.