İyi ki varsın güzel kadın.. - Sui Sleep

Happy to have you, beautiful woman

Your hair is short blonde, mine is long black. Your eyes are green, mine are brown. You like to wear sneakers, I like heels. Your favorite food may be different from mine. And the music you listen to. Maybe you chose to have children. Maybe live a life without children… Maybe you like to lie on your face when your head hits the pillow for the first time, while I am on your back…

You and I may differ sharply from each other in our appearance, the flow of our lives, our choices, our likes and dislikes. Besides these differences that can change at any moment, there is one unchanging truth.

It's our female power and heart that you and I have. This power is not sharp but has soft curves, mysterious, instinctive, nourishing, gentle, fair and sensitive…

May you have a life where you will always hug yourself with understanding and compassion, beautiful woman.

Always remember how important a resource they are by remembering that differences are a great variety.

Hold the hand of other women beside you as you grow and advance.

May you have people, opportunities, dreams and a great breath with whom you will grow and bloom.

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