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Twist Mattress

Twist Mattress

Baby and child mattress designed for every stage of your child’s life: from newborn to toddler, toddler to child using 5cm high 100% natural latex for the top layer of the mattress .

The overall Twist mattress thickness is 15cm. Please contact us for any alterations.

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  • 30 Nights
  • Solvent
  • Ships in
    7 Days
  • Environment
  • 5 years
  • Washable

Sui Sleep GPT

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  • Newborn Surface (0-12 MONTHS)

    The newborn surface aims to prevent SIDS with a firm, ventilated and non-sinking structure used in the first 0-12 months of a baby’s life. It flips over to the latex surface to be used from 12 months on, allowing the mattress to be used for years.

  • Natural Latex Surface (12 MONTH+)

    The 100% natural latex surface, which can be used for children 12 months onwards, provides ideal support for the spine during the development stages of your child. It helps maintain and regulate temperature in the bed thanks to its natural ventilated structure.

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The layers that make Twist so special

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Organic Cotton Cover

Our covers have a soft surface and is made of organic cotton, which helps with temperature regulation in our mattresses. It is machine washable up to 30°C.

100% Natural Latex

It is hypoallergenic due to its 100% natural structure. It supports the development of the spine. Thanks to its open cell structure, it does not sweat.

Comfort Layer

It provides ideal comfort by supporting the contours of the body without sinking into the mattress.

Newborn Surface

This surface is used in the first 12 months of a baby’s life. The firmness of this layer ensures newborn safety.

Why Are Twist Users So Happy?

Twist has the perfect form and structure that will meet all the needs of your growing child at every stage and provide necessary support for spinal development. The open-cell structure of natural latex minimises sweating issues, and its 100% cotton cover is machine washable up to 30°C. Studies show that children who sleep in an ideal temperature and maximum comfort get a better quality of uninterrupted sleep.


Our Twist mattress is designed for you to enjoy the bedtime routine with your child and to comfortably accompany them to sleep. Thanks to the motion isolation of the mattress, your baby or child won’t feel you leaving the bed.

Custom Size
We can produce your mattress in round or oval shapes and non-standard sizes according to your needs. The timeline for delivery does not change with the size or shape selected.
Natural Latex
The main material of our mattresses is FSC certified 100% natural latex imported from Latexco Belgium.
Water Based Adhesives
SIMALFA adhesive imported from Switzerland is an odorless, environmentally friendly product that does not emit harmful gasses.


Product Features


Sui Twist is a double-sided baby/child mattress specially designed for use from the newborn period through all childhood.

The height of the mattress is 15 cm. But it can be produced in any special size and height. If you need a size other than the dimensions mentioned above, please contact us.

Shipping, Warranty, Returns

All orders are delivered to our contracted logistics company within 7 working days. To protect our products and do our part for the environment, your mattress orders will be delivered rolled and vacuum packed in a special transport bag. This advocates for less CO2 emissions due to reduced transport volume and minimal packaging. Once your order is delivered to the contracted logistics company, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information. For bulky products, the logistics company will contact you before delivery to confirm if you are at your address. Shipments within Turkey are free of charge.

Our mattresses have a 5 year guarantee against permanent indentation and sagging. This guarantee is valid as long as your mattress is being used on a solid and flat surface. If you are using a slatted bed base, please ensure that the slats are no more than 4cm apart. Should you have any problems with your mattress, simply write your concerns to with your order number. Important! Damages to the mattress that may occur as a result of contact with liquid are not covered by the warranty.

Exchange & Return
You are eligible for an exchange or return with a full refund within the 100-night trial period when your mattress is delivered to you. If you have any queries, write to us at with your order number. For refunds after the 30-day mattress break-in period, we will process your request for a full refund. For returns before the 30-day mattress break-in period, we will process your request with a 25% deduction of the full refund amount. Once your return request is approved, we will collect the mattress from your home and you will receive your refund within a week. Important Information! There are no exchanges or refunds for items damaged by the consumer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my child use the Twist Double Sided Latex Mattress until?
You can use it from the day your baby is born until the age of 12. In the first 12 months of your baby's life, you should use the firmer sponge surface of the mattress. After 12 months, turn the mattress upside down so that the latex surface is on top. Depending on the size of the mattress you pick, your child can use Twist for many years.

How can I distinguish between the foam and latex surfaces?
The side of the mattress with our Sui Sleep label is the latex surface suitable for use after 12 months of age. When you remove the cover, you will notice that the latex surface is perforated. If you have any problems distinguishing the different sides, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Should I use a mattress protector?
The breathable cotton cover of our Twist mattress is not liquid-proof. We recommend using it with a liquid-proof mattress cover.