2 Yaş Sonrası Yatak Seçimi Nasıl Olmalı?

How to choose a mattress after 2 years of age?

Choosing a mattress after the age of 2 is extremely important for children's sleep, health and comfort. In this period when children's mental and physical development progresses, it is necessary to choose the right mattress for a comfortable night's sleep. When choosing the right mattress, it is necessary to consider your child's needs. You should choose a mattress where your child can move comfortably and provide space for growth.

In our article, we have included every detail you are wondering about, such as choosing a mattress after the age of 2 , what a 2-3 year old baby mattress should be like. If you want to have information about the subject, you can find the answers to all your questions in our article.

How Should You Choose a Mattress for After 2 Years of Age?

After the age of two, children leave the infancy period behind and begin to move and develop more. This is a period in which the bone structures of especially children become stronger. At this age, children are often on the move because they are curious about many things. This process makes them energetic and also supports the development of their muscular and skeletal systems. Children who are active during the day need to sleep uninterruptedly at night. Sleeping in a mattress that is relaxing and supportive of their body helps them maintain their energy during the day. That's why choosing the right mattress for babies after 2 years of age is very important. The mattress should be suitable for the child's body structure and should support the bone and muscle system that continues to develop during sleep. The best mattress for a child is one that allows the spinal cord to remain in its natural position throughout the night and allows the child to wake up rested. Posture disorders may occur in children after the age of 2 if the mattress selection is not made correctly.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for 2 - 7 Year Old Children?

Spring mattresses, which can be considered unsuitable for children, are not recommended. Spring mattresses put pressure on the child's skeletal system and make it difficult for the child to sleep in a natural sleeping position. Children's spring mattresses can adversely affect the shape of the spine of children between the ages of 2-7 due to incorrect orientation. If children's muscles do not rest during sleep because they are very active during the day, this may lead to some developmental problems. Choosing the wrong mattress can cause negative effects on the natural position of the spine in developing children. In order for children whose muscular and skeletal structures are just beginning to take shape to avoid any developmental problems, the weight on the mattress must be supported and distributed evenly throughout the mattress.

In addition to their physical structures, children's cognitive skills also develop between the ages of 2-7. In order for children to achieve healthy mental development, it is important to complete the REM phase, which is the active sleep phase, without interruption. The active sleep phase represents a process in which learned information turns into permanent gains. This process is also a delicate phase and should not be interrupted. When the REM phase is interrupted, children may lack cognitive gains that need to be reinforced. Getting back into the REM phase will not be easy or will take a long time. Therefore, the cognitive development of children who cannot sleep in a comfortable environment and whose mattress is chosen incorrectly may be disrupted. Choosing the wrong mattress can have negative effects on children's cognitive development as well as their physical development. Since children need sleep during the day as well as at night, mattresses that are relaxing and supportive of their bodies should be chosen under all circumstances.

Which Mattress is Healthy for Children?

The 100% natural layers used in the mattress create a quality and efficient sleep environment. Odorless natural materials without the use of chemicals transfer the air and moisture accumulated in the mattress throughout the night to the outside of the mattress through air channels. It does not allow the survival of organisms that may cause allergic reactions and various diseases, such as bacteria, fungi and mold that may occur due to moisture. Chemical-based mattressding that frequently comes into contact with your child's skin may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions over time. That's why mattressding with organic content is of great importance for the health of your children. At this point, latex mattresses attract attention. Latex mattresses are ideal mattresses for children with their 100% natural structure.

When choosing a children's mattress, the mattress fabric should also be chosen well. Mattresses made with natural fabrics are ideal for children. Natural products are the most compatible with the skin. It is important to choose a mattress after the age of 2 to ensure healthy air permeability while helping to reduce sweating.

Latex Mattresses for Ages After 2 Years

Latex mattresses are made from latex foam, which is an organic and healthy product. Latex is a substance obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. It is a healthy alternative to synthetic materials. Latex mattresses prevent the formation of dust mites, reduce the risk of allergies and provide a healthy sleeping environment. Latex mattresses balance body temperature and prevent sweating. Since latex material has a breathable structure, it helps the moisture that occurs during sleep to evaporate. Thus, it provides a drier and more comfortable sleeping environment. In addition, it is long-lasting and durable. High quality latex material prevents deformation and lasts for many years of use. Additionally, latex mattresses do not require frequent turning or turning. Thus, it provides ease of use.

When choosing a mattress after the age of 2, a mattress that is hard enough to not put pressure on children whose weight increases will ensure a more comfortable sleep. You can prioritize latex mattresses among your mattress choices suitable for 2-year-olds . Because it allows air flow thanks to its latex mattress structure. Thus, the rate of sweating decreases and there is no such thing as collapse. Latex baby mattresses are a natural mattress that has the ideal hardness for children's development and can be used easily during their growing age. Latex mattresses provide an ideal sleep for children's development and help them sleep comfortably.

If you want to prefer natural products in all sleep products as well as latex mattresses, you can examine the baby quilt and pillow types on our website . You can also create a healthy and comfortable sleeping area for your child with wooden baby cradles .

Should the mattress be soft or hard after the age of 2?

What should a 2-year-old baby mattress be like ? is among the most frequently asked questions. When choosing a mattress for children after 2 years of age, it is necessary to find the mattress hardness balance before purchasing the product. First, the child's sleeping posture and physique should be observed. Mattress hardness can be determined depending on children's weight, body type and sleep preferences. A mattress that is too soft may not provide adequate support for the spine. This condition causes pain and discomfort during sleep. In answer to the question of whether it should be soft or hard, a hard mattress can put too much pressure on the spine and cause discomfort. Medium hardness mattresses will allow children to sleep more comfortably. A more balanced, soft mattress adapts to the body, reduces pressure points and provides a comfortable sleep. However, a mattress that is too soft does not support the body well and may cause loss of balance during sleep.

How to Choose a Mattress Suitable for Your Child's Body Structure?

Choosing a mattress according to the child's anatomy is the key to a healthy sleep experience and maintaining the health of the spine. A mattress is a long-term investment. Choosing a high-quality and durable mattress means your child will get a good night's sleep. When choosing a mattress, it is important not to ignore points such as manufacturer's warranty and product quality.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mattress for Children

Choosing a mattress after the age of 2 is very important for the healthy development of children.

  • When choosing a mattress, it should be checked whether the mattress has features that can meet the child's sleep needs.
  • The mattress should support the child's body structure and benefit skeletal and muscle development.
  • Care should also be taken to ensure that the mattress has natural content. Mattresses that do not contain organic content and generally contain synthetic properties may have negative effects on children's health. While synthetic mattresses prevent children from sleeping soundly, they also have negative effects on their sensitive skin. Problems such as redness or itching may occur on children's skin.
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