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The importance of sleep in the corona recovery process

Many people who have had Covid and are recovering find that their sleep cycle has changed compared to how they slept before they contracted the coronavirus.

Some people have trouble falling asleep, while others complain of waking up earlier than usual and not being able to fall asleep again. As important as proper nutrition and supplements are in the healing process, sleep is just as important so that the body can rest and renew itself.

How does Covid-19 affect our sleep?

There are many reasons why your sleep cycle may have changed due to Covid.

  • Corona symptoms (shortness of breath, cough, fever)
  • Side effects of the drugs taken
  • anxiety, stress
  • be in a lying position all day

What can I do to improve my sleep?

The rules that help you prepare for sleep and provide the necessary conditions for a quality sleep are called "sleep hygiene". These rules can be applied not only in the corona recovery process, but also in all kinds of sleep disorders, and it has been scientifically proven that they help people sleep better.

Evening Getting Ready for Bed When You Go to Bed During Sleep

Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol

Develop yourself a sleep ritual and practice it before bed

Organize bed and sleep times

Don't always look at the clock

Avoid heavy meals within 2 hours before bedtime

Reduce light, temperature and noise in the room

Use the bedroom only for intimate moments and sleep

If you can't sleep for more than 20 minutes, get out of bed, relax, and come back when you're tired.

Avoid heavy exercise within 2 hours before going to bed.

Do activities that slow the body down, such as reading a book or listening to music.

Remove screens from bedroom (TV, Tablet, Phone)

Try not to worry about not sleeping. The more you worry, the more you wake up.

Sleep hygiene tips:
  • Make sure to get up at the same time every morning, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Before going to bed, lower the temperature in your bedroom a little.
  • If you can't give up your phone at your bedside, activate the "Night Shift" mode for Iphone at bedtime and "Blue light filter, eye comfort" mode for Android phones from the settings. When you are exposed to blue light before going to bed, you may have trouble falling asleep because your brain will perceive it as daytime.
  • Take note of what's on your mind while you're trying to sleep. This will help you park your thought and return to sleep.
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