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What are the Most Efficient Sleeping Hours?

We have included every detail you are wondering about on the subject, such as what are the most productive sleep hours and what are efficient sleep techniques, in our article. If you want to have information about the subject, you can find the answers to all your questions in our article.

The Importance of Efficient Sleep

Efficient sleep is very important for resting the body and having an energetic day. Efficient sleep should not be ignored due to many reasons such as the healthy development of young individuals in the growth period, increased immunity against diseases and high body resistance. According to scientific research, the most productive sleeping hours are determined as between 23.00 and 03.00. Especially young people who are in the age of growth and development should be asleep at 12 o'clock at night. Apart from this, taking vitamins or food supplements during the day for a person who has difficulty falling asleep will help them fall asleep. Another importance of efficient sleep is that the body renews itself during sleep. Sleeping during the most productive hours of sleep helps the body rest itself.

When starting the day after a productive sleep, first of all, the person wakes up more refreshed. The individual does not go through a recovery process after waking up from sleep. Therefore, the mind recovers quickly and there is no fatigue felt after sleep. There is a saying in popular language that explains this situation and is most frequently used: 'wake up as vigorous as a harpoon'.

Sleep efficiency and health are very interconnected issues. A person who has a sleep routine and has determined this schedule in accordance with the most productive sleep hours is much more advantageous in terms of health than other people who do the opposite. Most people who say they are sick frequently have serious problems with sleep. Apart from this, inefficient sleep negatively affects the day spent and also affects the health of the organs. These effects are as follows:

  • Decreased mental activity and risk of dementia,
  • Affecting the immune system,
  • Don't get sick easily,
  • Reducing the effectiveness of vaccines,
  • Risk of heart diseases,
  • Affects blood sugar,
  • Increasing the tendency to obesity.

What are the most productive sleeping hours?

When scientifically researched, the most productive sleep hours are considered to be between 13.00 and 15.00 during the day and between 23.00 and 03.00 at night. But nowadays, many people do not have time for daytime sleep. Therefore, you can determine the most productive hours of sleep by taking into account your lifestyle and habits. As a result of scientific research, the most productive sleeping hours have been determined as 23.00 - 03.00. There are two main phases of sleep. These stages are REM and NREM sleep stages.

Stages of Sleep

N-REM constitutes 75% of sleep, while REM constitutes 25% of sleep. N-REM phase; It consists of four phases: first, second, third and fourth phase. The first phase is the falling asleep phase. Sleep is light and waking up may occur immediately. In this part, eye movements slow down and muscles move less. This phase is rarely observed during sleep. The second stage is one of the detailed parts of sleep. Eye movements are slower compared to the first stage and muscle mobility also decreases. In this episode, the person who is woken up does not realize that he is sleeping and says that he is not sleeping. It accounts for 45-55% of sleep time. The brain continues to emit theta waves. The third stage is also known as slow wave sleep. Sleep becomes deeper. Slow eye movements can be observed and muscle movements are reduced. It accounts for 20-25% of the overall sleep time. The brain emits delta waves instead of theta waves. Delta waves are light and diffuse waves, so the third stage is also called slow wave sleep.

In the fourth stage, sleep is deep and it is difficult to wake the individual from sleep. If the individual is woken up at this stage, he/she will feel insomnia. Sleepwalking and talking situations occur in this section. It is observed that the delta waves emitted by the brain increase. The fifth stage is REM sleep. It is known as paradoxical sleep. In this part, if the sleeping person is woken up, he can remember the dream he saw. The amount of breathing, heartbeat and eye mobility increases in this section. When looking at the eyelids of a person in REM sleep, it can be observed that their eyes move rapidly. A person who regulates his sleeping hours between 23.00 and 03.00 increases his productivity during the day because he uses the most productive sleep hours. In addition to starting the day more energetically, the recovery period after sleep will also be shorter.

What are the most productive hours of night sleep?

Melatonin hormone is a hormone that facilitates sleep. It starts to be secreted in the evening and continues until 02.00-03.00 at night. In addition, growth hormone reaches its highest level at 00:00. Therefore, one should go to sleep at 11:00 at the latest. Therefore, the most productive hours of night sleep are between 23.00 and 03.00. Exposure to excessive light, watching television and interacting with mobile phones reduce the rate of melatonin secretion.

What are the Most Productive Sleeping Hours during the Day?

The most productive sleeping hours during the day are considered to be between 13.00 and 15.00. However, many people cannot find the opportunity to sleep during the day due to work and social reasons.

Are Quality Sleep and Sleeping Hours Related?

Quality sleep is essential to stay fit for a successful school day or busy work schedule. Individuals who cannot get quality sleep start the day tired. It is important to sleep at the right hours to have a healthy sleep time. It is recommended that an adult sleep at least 6 and at most 8 hours. The most productive sleep hours of the day are between 23.00 - 03.00, which will ensure a healthy and vigorous life for everyone.

How to Get Efficient Sleep in a Short Time?

According to scientific research, a half-hour sleep consisting of deep and slow sleep at noon may be beneficial. This daytime sleep is practiced in some countries. In addition, in studies carried out by some companies around the world to test this system, it has been observed that the productivity of employees increases after sleep sessions. However, determining our sleep patterns according to the most productive sleep hours is necessary for the person to sleep efficiently.

What Should Be Done for Efficient Sleep?

Constantly sleeping at different times can make it difficult to get quality sleep. Care should be taken to consider the most productive hours for sleep and adapt to these hours. Being very hungry or full when you go to mattress can make it difficult to sleep. You can stop eating a few hours before going to sleep. The environment you sleep in should be as dark and quiet as possible. If you are in an anxious mood, you can try to relax by doing yoga.

Mattress quality is very important for a productive sleep. Mattresses that are hard and especially those that do not protect the health of the spine significantly reduce the quality of sleep. For this reason, both natural and quality mattresses should be preferred. Latex mattresses attract a lot of attention in this regard. Latex mattresses increase sleep comfort with their natural and healthy structure. Latex baby mattresses should be preferred so that not only adults but also babies can enjoy efficient sleep .

What are Efficient Sleep Techniques?

There are many techniques that can be applied for a productive sleep. These techniques for efficient sleep can show positive results for individuals if applied. Efficient sleep techniques are as follows;

  • exercising regularly,
  • Determining sleep hours,
  • Do not drink beverages such as tea and coffee before going to mattress,
  • Stop eating before going to mattress,
  • Avoid keeping electronic devices, especially near children.
  • Drinking herbal tea before going to mattress,
  • Ensuring the mattressroom is noiseless and dark
  • Drinking warm milk before going to mattress,
  • Taking a warm shower before going to mattress,
  • Choosing a latex mattress that is not too hard or soft ,
  • Choosing a latex pillow that is not too hard or soft .

What are the Benefits of Efficient Sleep?

It is known that sleeping during the most productive sleep hours is effective in maintaining weight. As a result of a study, it is known that the risk of obesity increases in adults whose sleep duration is less than seven hours. Studies show that concentration and productivity decrease due to lack of sleep. Additionally, individuals who get enough sleep experience a noticeable increase in their memory. Sleep affects not only cognitive but also physical performance. It is known that quality sleep can increase performance.

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