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What are the Standard Mattress Sizes?

When you decide to buy a new mattress, there will be many important points to pay attention to. You will encounter many factors, from the size of the mattress to its hardness, its contents and budget. One of the most important of these criteria can be considered standard mattress sizes . It is extremely important for your sleep quality and health to determine the mattress size that suits your expectations and needs.

In our article, we have included every detail you are wondering about, such as what are the standard mattress sizes and what should be taken into consideration when choosing a mattress size. If you want to have information about the subject, you can find the answers to all your questions in our article.

What is the Standard Mattress Size?

Standard mattress dimensions are generally 90 cm wide and 190 cm long for single mattresses. For double mattresses, the width is 160 cm and the length is 200 cm. These dimensions are generally accepted mattress dimensions. But depending on the needs, mattresses can be found in different sizes. Mattresses can be produced in different sizes. The reason for this is that not every individual has similar physical characteristics and while some use single mattresses; Some people prefer double mattresses. While children and single individuals generally prefer single mattress options; Married people buy a double mattress for a more comfortable sleep.

What is the Standard Single Mattress Size?

To give a minimum standard single mattress size : It can be said to be 80 cm wide and 180 cm long. These measurements are a start. These are models that do not take up much space and are preferred for children, unmarried adults and young people. It may also be ideal for people who do not want to occupy unnecessary space in their mattressroom. However, it is not useful for people taller than 1.80 m. One of the standard sizes in standard single mattress size models is 90 cm width and 190 cm length. The larger of this measurement is 90 cm width and 200 cm length, 100 cm width and 200 cm length. The maximum value for single-person dimensions is 120 cm in width and 200 cm in height. Apart from this, there are also mattress sizes for one and a half people. It may be a little difficult to find mattress sizes due to intermediate sizes.

What is the Standard Double Mattress Size?

As with other mattress types, there are many size alternatives for double mattresses. In order to have a comfortable and wide range of movement while sleeping, double mattresses can be preferred not only by couples but also by adults and young people. Standard double mattress sizes may vary depending on your preferred size and choice. To decide between these dimensions, you need to consider the size of the room. Standard double mattress sizes include 140x190, 150x200, 160x200 and 180x200. It stands out as an ideal choice for those who like to sleep on large mattresses with dimensions of 180x200, also known as king size. Apart from these, there are also models known as king size with dimensions of 200x200. These models, which can easily sleep two or three people, can bring the comfort of large mattresses in hotels to your room. This style of mattress is ideal for large rooms.

What are the Standard Mattress Sizes for Children?

As children grow, their bodies change rapidly along with their sleep duration and sleeping habits. Therefore, as children's physical activity increases during the day, they need healthy and supportive sleep to complete their development. At the same time, since they will experience height and weight changes during the transition from childhood to adolescence, standard mattress sizes suitable for long-term use should be preferred, especially when choosing mattress size. For children, standard mattress sizes of 90x190, 90x200, 100x200 or 120x200 will be standard mattress sizes that they can use for a comfortable sleep and long-term use in both adolescence and youth.

What are the Standard Baby Mattress Dimensions?

It is very important to choose the right size mattress for the comfort of babies. Therefore, the mattress to be chosen should not restrict the baby's movements. At the same time, for a more comfortable and uninterrupted sleep while the baby is sleeping, care should be taken regarding standard baby mattress sizes . You can support your baby's development and sleep with the mattress you choose, taking into account your baby's body dimensions. There are many options when it comes to baby mattress sizes. This is because babies' sleeping habits are different. Mattresses are produced in various sizes to ensure that babies can have a healthy sleeping experience. One of the most commonly used sizes is 60×120 baby mattress types. Apart from this, there are also wider alternatives. The larger option, 70×140 standard mattress sizes, is also used. Another mattress that has different sizes due to the rapid development of babies is the 80×180 baby mattress. Finally, 90×190 standard mattress sizes are also an option widely used by families. Larger alternatives can be considered as children's mattress sizes.

How to Take Mattress Measurements?

You can get the mattress size you want by following the right steps. First, after measuring the room, you should measure the length, width and depth of the mattress. You can follow the steps below;

1) Dimension of the Room Where You Will Place the Mattress

You need to start with a very important step. It is important that you measure the area where the mattress will be placed. You can buy a mattress according to these dimensions. The remaining spaces from walls and other furniture should also be calculated. In this way, a healthy mattress measurement can be made.

2) Width of the Mattress

To measure the width of the mattress, measure the distance from the point where it will be placed to the other side. At this stage, you can proceed according to the single mattress size.

3) Mattress Length

Measure the distance from the point where you intend to place the mattress to the headboard of the mattress. In this way, you will not encounter a problem such as not being able to fit.

4) Mattress Height

Nowadays, many people forget to measure the height when measuring the mattress. This is wrong. Height is extremely important. This measurement makes it clear whether the mattress has a good height or not. 25-40 cm is the general mattress length.

Why is Correct Mattress Size Important?

An incorrectly selected mattress size can have a negative impact on sleep. For example, not having enough space when you wake up in the morning and want to stretch, not being able to move easily during sleep when you have a mattress size that is not suitable for your weight, and frequent contact with your partner may cause your sleep quality to decrease. Otherwise, of course, it may happen. The idea that a wide mattress is always the best may not be true. Because a large mattress can also create an unsafe feeling during sleep for some people. Therefore, choosing a size that is compatible with your height and weight will help you have a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

What should be taken into consideration when choosing a mattress size?

It will make your job easier if you consider the following criteria when choosing mattress size;

1) Sleeping Position

Although the best sleeping position is to lie on your back, some people prefer to sleep in a fetal position, on their side or stomach. Your sleeping position affects the space you take up in mattress. Choosing a mattress according to your sleeping position is important. The latex mattress models on our site allow you to say goodbye to regional pain with a personalized prescription adjusted to your sleeping position.

2) Weight and Body Type

Although weight and body type are generally associated with the hardness level of the mattress, they are among the factors that affect the choice of standard mattress.

3) Age

While single mattresses are more suitable for children and teenagers, married couples and adults prefer standard double mattress sizes .

For a healthy life and quality sleep, it is recommended to replace baby cribs and mattresses between 6 and 8 years.

You can choose the best sleeping products for you with many different size options among the latex mattress and latex pillow models at Sui Sleep . Latex mattresses and pillows, carefully prepared according to needs and expectations, support the spine and provide a healthy sleep experience.

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