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Your Sweatproof Mattress Preference Sui Sleep

Sleep quality has become more important recently, especially with the intense work tempo and increasing diseases. Today, where there are many alternatives for healthy and quality sleep , choosing the right brand is very important for increasing sleep quality. You can take a look at the sweatproof mattress models of the brand you have chosen.

Another point that reduces our sleep quality is sweating. In addition to the comfort and durability of the bed, it should be in a non-sweating and breathing structure. Otherwise, you will wake up soaking wet and interrupt your sleep. Especially in the summer months , sweating problems while sleeping are among the obstacles that prevent healthy sleep.

With Sui Sleep, which offers ergonomic and permanent solutions to all kinds of problems, you can avoid many problems and experience quality sleep. Contrary to many brands, Sui Sleep, which stole our hearts with natural products, states that natural latex mattresses and natural cotton should be preferred for sweating problem. So, what are these latex mattresses?

Latex Mattress Difference

Latex, which is the extract of a milky plant found in nature, is generally obtained from the milk of the rubber plant and is used in the production of mattresses. The most important feature of latex is that the air ducts in the bed act as a natural air conditioner. At the same time, latex mattresses, which are highly preferred thanks to their comfort and freedom of movement, have an indispensable place in baby and child bedding. Latex, which has a resting and relaxing function on the muscle structure, is extremely comfortable and comfortable. It is also a very healthy material for human health. The natural cotton layer used with latex also prevents sweating problems as an extra air stabilizer.

Non Sweating Pillow Preference

Latex is used not only in mattresses but also in all sleep products, and the pillow known as a non-sweating pillow is actually a natural latex pillow. It is now known by many that pillows and even the cover are as important as the mattress for quality sleep, and their preferences are made accordingly.

The fact that every mattress designed by Sui Sleep contains 100% natural latex and is created with personalized designs creates a unique opportunity for us to determine and use the right mattress in line with our wishes and needs. If you are one of those who suffer from sweating or are trying to have a healthy sleep with natural sleeping products, you should definitely do the sleep test.



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