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What is a Pocket Spring Mattress? What Makes It Different From Others?

The fact that one-third of the average human lifespan is spent asleep makes the issue of whether that time is of good quality as much as the time spent. The quality of the time spent sleeping is of course ensured by sleeping in a right and healthy bed for yourself. For a healthy and comfortable sleep, you must first determine what you need. After determining the most suitable mattress for yourself in line with your needs, you will feel that your performance during the day is much better.

Mattresses are divided into spring and non-spring. Springless mattresses can be a little harder and passive, while spring mattresses feel more support and move more comfortably. In order to support the spine and add flexibility to the mattress, the mattresses using the steel spring mechanism are called spring and pocket spring mattresses . In the old spring systems, support sponges were placed between the steel springs to prevent deformation and increase comfort, and the hardness of the mattress was increased. However, as the mattress gets harder, its orthopedics does not increase. Orthopedics isn't about the bed, it's about your body. The orthopedic mattress, which is frequently used in the market, is actually a mold. Orthopedics means suitable for the body and compatible with the body structure. Sui mattresses are naturally orthopedic because they are specially produced for you.

Pocket Spring - What is Bag Spring System?

According to the hardness of the mattress to be produced in the pocket spring (bag spring) system, wires of different diameters are covered with fabric one by one and packaged independently from each other. Different pressures are applied to many points of the body with wires of different diameters and zone springs of different hardness lined up for 5 different points of the body. Since the pocket spring system is an independent system, couples do not feel each other's movements in the bed. In addition, since pocket springs of different hardness are used in certain parts of the mattress in the pocket spring mattress system, different support is provided to points such as waist, neck, back and hips. Thus, no matter what position your body lies in, it will continue to receive the right support. Since the bag spring system is also a new technology, it is much quieter, more comfortable and long-lasting than old mattresses.

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