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What is the correct sleeping position?

One of the most important criteria for an energetic start to the day is how you sleep during the night. If you feel slight pain in your waist, neck or back when you wake up in the morning, it may be due to wrong sleeping positions. So, what should the correct sleeping position be?

Sleep Positions

1. Lying on your back

When the spine is considered as a whole, it is healthy for the waist and neck to be straight from head to toe. The most important point of this position is the choice of bed . It would be a logical choice to buy latex mattresses or directly from personalized mattresses. Because it will not be healthy for you to lie on your back in a bed that is not suitable for you and your spine will not be comfortable. Sleeping on your back , although beneficial for your spine health, should not be your first choice if you have a respiratory disease.

2. Lying Down

When you sleep in the prone position, the neutral position of the spine is disturbed. At the same time, pain may occur as your abdomen is constantly pressing on the bed. You may also feel pain in your neck as you turn your head to the side in the prone position. But sometimes sleeping with your hands under the pillow is not a position you prefer, isn't it? At that time, you should not forget that a shoulder impingement may occur. Generally speaking, sleeping in the prone position is harmless for short periods of time, but long hours can also cause damage.

3. Side Lie

Sleeping on its side has its advantages and disadvantages like any other. When you lie on your side, you can observe the relieving effects of low back pain as your spine lengthens compared to its normal position. At the same time, if you have a problem such as snoring, the best sleeping position for you will be to sleep on your side. Especially lying on the left side is known as a solution for stomach problems such as reflux. But do not be careful about this as lying on your side for long periods can cause wrinkles on your skin.

4. Fetal Position

The fetal position , which is another version of lying on its side, is actually a movement that we all do instinctively. The position known as side-lying with the legs pulled to the stomach is actually based on an evolutionary process. According to studies, lying to the left in the fetal position is the best method to reduce the pressure on the organs during sleep. Therefore, if you prefer to sleep in the fetal position, you should turn to the left and not pull your legs too much towards you. Because this can cause contractions and cramps in the legs all night long.

In general, although there are many sleeping positions , finding the right one actually varies according to the body. That's why you should know your own body and discover the most suitable position for you with the choice of a personalized mattress .

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