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Why Are Half-Hard Half-Soft Mattresses Preferred?

Humans spend about 25 years of their life asleep. For this reason, it is very important for human health to get maximum efficiency from sleep. An important point to be considered in order to spend sleep efficiently is the choice of bed. So, should the mattress be firm or soft? Are half-hard half-soft mattresses beneficial? Let's examine together.


Half Hard Half Soft Mattresses

It is very difficult to say whether the ideal mattress is hard or soft for maximum sleep efficiency. Because the concept of the ideal mattress may change according to the anatomy, sleep style, diseases or sleeping habits of the person. Therefore, before choosing a mattress, you should know your body and habits well. Half-hard and half-soft mattresses are the first choice for couples, as previous studies have shown that men prefer firmer mattresses and women prefer softer mattresses. Since the production is made in line with the preferences, transportation to these types of beds becomes very easy. If your and your partner's sleeping habits and expectations from the bed are very different, we recommend our mattress with different hardness, which will be specially produced for you.

What are the Differences Between Soft Mattress and Hard Mattress?

Soft mattresses wrap the human body and take the S shape of the spine. In this case, the spine does not defy gravity and completely immerses itself in the bed. In hard beds, the situation is the opposite. The spine defies gravity, and the existing gaps are not filled with a bed. Hard and soft mattresses have separate benefits. However, long-term use of hard mattresses or long-term use of soft mattresses can damage the spine. For this reason, it is very beneficial for individuals to use a soft bed on one side and a hard bed on the other. Apart from individual people, couples sharing the same bed also prefer double-sided beds. Since two people's bodies, illnesses, sleep patterns and habits are different from each other, it is quite normal that the mattress firmness should be different. That's why we produce custom-designed mattresses .

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