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How should the baby bed be?

Especially since newborn babies spend most of their days in their beds , the choice of bedding is very important for them. There are many details in choosing the right mattress, from the firmness of the mattress to the size, material or thickness of the mattress. So, how should a baby mattress be? Let's examine together.


Choosing the Right Bed for Babies

Mattress Firmness : Most people think that the most suitable mattress for babies should be soft. But this is not true. The best choice of mattress for the bone development of babies is medium hard mattresses. Very soft beds are not suitable for bone development as the baby will be buried in the bed. Very hard mattresses will not be a logical choice in terms of delicate bone structure. In addition, soft beds should not be preferred for newborn babies due to the risk of burying.


Size of the Bed : Another important issue when choosing a bed for babies is the size of the bed. Since babies spend most of their time in their beds, the size of the bed should be adjusted according to the baby's weight and height in order not to limit their mobility at that time. While a 60x120 cm mattress is sufficient for newborn babies, the best choice for 6+ month old babies is 80x130 cm. If your baby room is large enough and you want to sleep with your baby, sizes such as 100x200, 120x200 will be more suitable for you.


Having a washable, zippered cover is also a feature that will save your life in case of minor accidents. The fact that the fabrics used in the covers are natural and cotton also affect your baby's sleep quality positively.

Types of Baby Beds, What are their Pros and Cons?

Sponge Mattress : The most important point to be considered in sponge mattresses is the quality of the sponge used. A single piece of block sponge is used in its production. If the sponge is of high quality and has a high density, the mattress will be heavy and comfortable. However, if it is not of good quality, the sponges do not wrap the body and a quality sleep may not be provided.


Spring Mattress : The quality of spring mattresses is determined by the durability of the spring used, the density of the sponge and the material from which the fabric is produced. The point to be considered in spring mattresses that adults often use is the quality of the sponge and fabric used. Some fabrics may make the baby uncomfortable as they sweat during the night. In addition, you should adjust the depth of your crib accordingly, as the mattresses using springs will be higher than other models. Another feature of spring mattresses is that they hop and jump when children stand up.


Latex Mattress : Latex baby mattresses are one of the most preferred ones lately. Latex, which is found in some plants such as rubber tree and has a sap that solidifies when it comes into contact with air, is brought to a foamy consistency after certain processes for these mattresses. Since it is obtained from a natural material, it can prevent common conditions such as sweating or allergies in babies. Latex mattresses, which are neither soft nor hard mattresses, besides being natural materials, take in more air than sponge and visco, with their perforated structure, and provide heat regulation in the mattress. The natural form of latex helps your baby find his balance when he starts to stand up.


Memory Foam Mattress : It is a model among mattress types that wraps and absorbs the body, thus allowing you to move less during your night's sleep. This causes an increase in temperature and restriction of mobility. If a memory foam mattress is to be preferred, we recommend that you make sure that the gold is condensed with the right support material.

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