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7 Reasons why buying a mattress from Sui Sleep will be the easiest purchase you'll ever make

There are plenty of considerations that go into making bigger purchases such as houses, cars, boats and furniture. Affordability, durability and payment options loom in your head during the purchasing process. It sounds tiring and it is tiring.

What if we told you that you can pick your mattress in your sleep? It really is that easy.

How Does it Work?

  • You can purchase a Sui Sleep mattress in just 3 clicks from wherever you are. In just 5 days a new, customised mattress will be at your door rolled in a box and you will wonder how we managed to fit a whole mattress into a slim box!
  • It will take just a minute to get that box to your bedroom and when we unpack it onto your bed base, you will watch in amazement as your mattress breathes itself back into its shape and form. Take a video, show your friends. It’s really a sight to behold :)
  • You can pay in instalments so you won’t lose sleep over the payment options. You also have a trial period of 100 sleep days, so if you and your mattress don’t get along, your money will be refunded.
  • Our customer service team work day and night to provide you a worry-free experience. Call us, text us, send us a tweet. Let us solve your product issues or tell you a bedtime story. We’re really here to help you sleep better.
  • Try the Sui Sleep mattress in the comfort of your own home with our 100-day trial period. Although typical mattress shops say that you should try all the different mattresses in store before buying one, you won’t know if a mattress is truly right for you in the few minutes you’ll spend testing them out in your daily attire and shoes while a store assistant tells you to turn left and right to get comfy.
  • We combined our 40 years of mattress production experience with technology and the modern world. We’ve gone many trials of using different materials, tried many combinations and even broke a few mattresses to find the perfect marriage of materials. So you can rest assured that you have bought the best mattress for yourself. Trust us.
  • Save your time going from store to store to test out beds that might disappoint you quickly. Use your time for better things.. like sleep.
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