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How to sleep cool on hot summer nights?

We all know the importance of sleep and its positive effects on our body. For a good sleep, the average room temperature should be 17-21 degrees. When the room temperature is higher than this, we begin to have trouble falling asleep.

If we can lower the room temperature and regulate our body temperature in summer heat, we can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Find out how to stay cool on hot summer nights with these tips:

  • Take a warm shower before sleep.

While you take a shower, your body temperature will rise, but when you step out, it starts to cool. When your body temperature starts to drop after a warm shower, it will be easier to fall asleep. Avoid these before going to bed, as a hot shower will overheat both your body and the environment, and a cold shower will also make you sleepy.

cold pajamas

  • Cold cover - pajamas

If you put your bed cover, pillowcase, pajamas or socks in a bag and keep them in the refrigerator, you can lower your body temperature in hot weather and keep it under control until you fall asleep.

  • Change your sleeping position

Sleeping position is also important in lowering body temperature. The more you sleep in a closed position, the more you keep the heat inside. Therefore, if you cannot sleep because of the heat, the best position you can lie in is the starfish position. (On your back - arms and legs apart from the body)

  • Have cold water by your bedside.

If you sweat and become dehydrated, having a glass of cold water with you will both help your body not be dehydrated and help you relax and sleep again if you wake up from the heat. But don't drink too much water before going to bed, and the urge to go to the toilet can also interrupt your sleep.

  • change your bed

Worn or unsuitable mattresses can make you sweat as a result of the collapse of the materials used in the mattresses, not breathing and not providing the necessary support to the body. In SuiSleep personalized mattresses, breathable, natural, 100% latex is used on the top layer, allowing your body to breathe, preventing sweating. You can take a look at the personalized Suisleep Latex mattress here .

  • Cold cloth or ice pack

You can lower your body temperature a few degrees by cooling your joints with a cold cloth or ice pack while lying down. If you apply cold compresses to your feet, wrists, back of your knees, and arms, your body temperature will decrease.


  • Fan

You can place a fan to cool your room a bit. However, be careful not to use it at very fast settings and not to hold it directly to your body. If you are sensitive to sound, be sure to choose a quiet fan.

  • Prefer light meals close to bedtime

Fatty, carbohydrate and spicy foods cause you to sweat in summer heat. Stop eating long before bedtime or choose light foods such as salad, fruit, and fish.

  • Close your curtains

Not only at night, but when the sun starts to hit your room, you need to close your curtains early to prevent the surfaces from getting hot. By closing your curtains in the afternoon, you can ensure that your room does not get too hot.

  • Change your pillow

When we lie down, the most sweaty part of our body is the neck area that is in contact with our pillow. You can prevent this sweating with a breathable pillow. Sui Sleep latex pillows make it easier to fall asleep on hot summer nights with their breathable, natural structure and non-sweating fabric. You can take a look at Sui Sleep pillows here.

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