Montessori Yatak Nedir? Ne Zaman Kullanılır?

What is a Montessori Bed? When to Use?

Montessori bed basically refers to the types of beds arranged in accordance with the Montessori concept. These beds are not a single model and the way they are used determines whether a bed is Montessori or not. It is beneficial for children's development to use beds designed in accordance with this understanding from birth to adulthood. These beds help children sleep uninterruptedly and healthily, while also allowing them to have fun.

We have included every detail you are wondering about, such as what is a Montessori bed , what are its features and benefits, in our article. If you want to have information about the subject, you can find the answers to all your questions in our article.

What is a Montessori Bed?

Montessori bed is a type of bed that is arranged in accordance with Montessori education and that the child can easily reach on his own. The aim is for the child to be able to get in and out of bed easily. Montessori is close to the ground and designed as a floor bed. It provides children with freedom of movement. A child who reaches the bed comfortably will also acquire the habit of sleeping on his own more easily. These beds are specially prepared for children and are easy for them to reach and get in and out of.

This bed is a type of bed that allows the child to develop his motor skills rather than a model. With these beds, the child can sleep on his own and get into bed without anyone else's help when he feels sleepy. Likewise, these are beds where the child can easily get out of bed and arrange his/her bed after waking up without asking anyone else for help.

The Montessori approach actually enables the child to take responsibility in life and become a conscious individual, so he/she is careful when choosing a bed. Especially until a certain age, children do not realize or develop their skills. If they frequently seek help from their parents in any situation, this may cause them to need the protection of others when they become adults. Montessori education is of great importance to avoid situations such as feeling insecure, not knowing what to do in life, and confusion. Especially when newborns spend most of their time in their beds, care should be taken to ensure that the choice of bed is in line with this understanding. These beds are designed as objects through which children can realize this educational concept in their daily lives. In this way, when the child realizes that he often performs the act of sleeping on his own, without needing others, he will learn to take responsibility for his own actions.

What are the Montessori Bed Features?

When talking about Montessori beds, the first feature that many people need to know is the security system. The most important feature of the Montessori bed is that it is close to the ground and is sheltered compared to other beds. This bed is preferred by many parents as it reduces the danger of children falling from high beds. If Montessori is purchased, children can go to bed and get up on their own and get in or out of bed whenever they want.

The fact that they can perform these actions without the help of an adult gives confidence to children, and on the other hand, helps families raise children as individuals and actually give them space. In this way, children can feel that they can do things on their own. Another important feature of these beds is comfort. The comfort of both your child and you. Generally, larger sizes are preferred compared to baby cribs. In this way, it not only enables very active babies to roll over and sleep uninterruptedly, but also provides convenience for parents when putting their children to sleep.

Another feature of these beds is that they offer children a three-dimensional space of their own. Current studies show that this situation plays a critical role in the development of self-confidence. The bed size is larger than other children's beds, giving children more space. Another striking feature of the Montessori bed is that it appeals to the tastes of many people. The bed, which has a very aesthetic style, has an appearance that many people like, apart from mothers and fathers. If you are looking for a bed with these features, you can choose Montessori.

What are the Benefits of Montessori Beds?

Montessori philosophy is first known in our country for its beds. These beds are highly preferred for children, thanks to their convenient use and aesthetic appearance. We have listed below what a Montessori bed is for and what benefits these beds have;

1) Emphasis on Being an Individual

Montessori bed stands out primarily because it supports children to become individuals. One of the mistakes made within the scope of child development is treating children by forgetting that they are individuals or being overly indifferent. Both of these attitudes are wrong, and the best method is for the child to learn how to experience his environment and the world himself. In this respect, the use of Montessori provides the opportunity for children to experience sleep alone, which has an important place in their lives, without needing anyone else, and also to play their own games in their beds. Montessori provides freedom of movement for children. A child who does not need a parent takes responsibility for getting in and out of his bed and making his own bed. Acts with awareness of responsibilities. Being able to make decisions alone allows him to have more control over himself.

2) Healthy and Hygienic Use

Beds prepared with the Montessori approach provide healthy and hygienic use. In this context, mattresses produced from ingredients such as natural latex baby mattresses also have beneficial properties for child development. It helps children's development by providing the support necessary for the healthy development of their muscular and skeletal systems.

3) Uninterrupted Sleep Quality

Among the benefits of these beds, the beds specially produced for children are easy to clean, making it possible for children to spend a comfortable time in their beds. Thus, children can play in their beds and take actions that are more beneficial for their development. Additionally, these mattresses have air pores. With this feature, it prevents situations such as sweating, which is common in children, and allows them to sleep more healthily and comfortably. This is very important for their uninterrupted sleep development.

4) Security

During periods when children's movements increase, falling incidents are frequently encountered during a time period that families do not notice. Since the children's bed produced in accordance with this philosophy is designed as a floor bed, the risk of the child falling is eliminated.

5) Transition to Large Bed

Since Montessori is mostly single bed size, there is no need to switch to a new bed when children grow up. The transition period from a baby bed or crib to a larger bed is overcome.

6) Sleep for Parents

Children don't have to wake up in the morning and cry in their beds waiting for their parents to pick them up. He/she can get out of bed and reach his/her toys in safe rooms. This may create extra sleep time for families.

7) Sleep Training

Montessori bed has a design that allows the family to easily be with the child during sleep training. It makes it easier for children to receive sleep training without being away from the mother in the baby bed. This helps the process go smoothly.

When to Use a Montessori Bed?

Montessori use varies by parent and baby. Rooms can be reserved for babies who have reached the standard in their night's sleep. While some parents stay in the same room with their children for longer, some people want them to get used to their own room in a short time. These beds can be used from birth.

Things to Consider When Buying a Montessori Bed

For those wondering what to consider when buying a Montessori bed , certain criteria for the beds to be used are as follows;

  • It should allow the child to move comfortably,
  • When buying your mattress, be sure to check that it is made of natural materials.
  • Montessori design should match the shape of the child's room.
  • The purpose of this bed is to ensure that the child can get in and out of bed easily. Therefore, the child's ease of use should be considered.

Montessori Bed Selection and Dimensions

The basic element when determining the dimensions of the Montessori bed is that it is an environment where the child can move freely. In this case, the height of the bed from the ground should not be too high, and it should be at a level where you can easily climb on the bed while playing in your room. Additionally, the child's range of motion should not be restricted. It should not contain any dyes that harm health. For those wondering what Montessori bed dimensions are , the most preferred bed sizes you can easily find are 90-190, 100-200.

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