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What is Organic Mattress? What are the Features of Organic Mattresses?

Organic mattresses are mattresses that are processed using completely natural products and without any chemicals. These types of beds are usually made of models that require manual work, not factory-made. Organic mattresses, which are produced using various products that exist in nature and can be used in bed making, are a logical choice to get maximum efficiency from sleep. In particular , custom-made mattresses are similar to organic mattresses.

What are the Products Used in Organic Mattresses?

In organic mattresses;

  • horsehair
  • horse mane
  • coconut shell fiber
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • camel wool
  • goat hair
  • goose down
  • Products such as natural silk are used.

What are the Features of Organic Mattresses?

  • Thanks to the products used, it has a natural ventilation feature that provides air circulation.
  • It is produced from 100% natural materials.
  • It is much more flexible than other mattresses.
  • It contains antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties against mold and bacteria.
  • It has an orthopedic structure.
  • It does not harm people and the environment.
  • It balances body temperature.
  • It is resistant to both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Comfort features are much more.
  • It can be used for a long time thanks to the materials used.
  • Since it grasps the body shape of the person well, it enters the personalized bed class.
  • It helps to balance the body moisture level.

Natural Latex Mattresses:

Latex is a milky plant extract found in nature, secreted by many plants, and solidified when exposed to air. It is one of the most comfortable and natural products used in the mattress industry recently. Horsehair is also used to increase the natural ventilation feature in natural latex mattresses .

Coco Beds:

Coco mattresses, obtained from coconut fibers, have the feature of keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter, thanks to the air channels and supporting hard structure.



Organic Cotton Bedding:

Thanks to the natural cotton used on the surface that comes into contact with the body, a softer touch is obtained on the mattress surface. During sleep, natural cotton absorbs body moisture and helps to keep body temperature in balance.

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