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How to Choose a Mattress for Children?

In our article, we have included every detail you are wondering about, such as choosing a mattress for children and what should be the ideal mattress height for children's mattresses. If you want to have information about the subject, you can find the answers to all your questions in our article.

What should be the most suitable mattress for children?

When choosing a mattress for children, it is necessary to consider the spinal cord and skeletal system. The skeletal systems of children in developmental age develop rapidly. Joint and muscle pain occurs especially due to growth in adolescence. One of the things to consider when choosing a mattress for children: Your child should not sleep on overly soft mattresses until the age of three, otherwise his spine development will not proceed properly. Care should be taken when choosing a mattress to prevent diseases such as scoliosis and growth disorders in the future. Both physical development and mental development are important during childhood. Children need a good sleep in order for the information they learn during the day to be permanent. Necessary care should be taken to prevent them from constantly waking up during sleep.

When choosing a mattress for children in their developmental age, mattresses that support the children's skeletal system should be preferred. Children's mattresses should be neither hard nor soft. A medium-hard mattress prevents the child from sinking into the mattress and allows them to breathe more easily. It should also be used in bedding containing natural ingredients for children. Natural mattresses are healthy types of mattresses for children. Spring mattresses are also not recommended as they may harm children's development. It may cause increased muscle and bone pain, especially in adolescence.

What to Consider When Buying a Children's Mattress?

For the healthy development of children, the mattress they sleep in must be compatible with their bodies. In order to choose the right children's bedding , the content of the mattress fabric should also be reviewed. Therefore, it is recommended to choose fabrics with natural content. Things to consider when choosing a mattress for children are:

  • When choosing a mattress for children, attention should be paid to the hardness of the mattress.
  • The dimensions of the mattress should be suitable for the child.
  • When choosing a mattress for children, the fabric of the mattress should be natural.
  • The size of the children's mattress should be compatible with the mattress.
  • The mattress should be made from natural ingredients.

The Importance of Making Mattress Materials Natural and Allergen-Free

The demand for natural mattresses, which are preferred by those who want a healthy sleeping experience because they are not produced from chemical materials, is increasing day by day. Natural mattresses, which are beneficial for both comfort and health, are mattresses where you can easily find the comfort and comfort you are looking for.

Natural mattresses, which have completely natural content and are made of the most natural materials for your health, are produced using materials such as latex. In this regard, the biggest difference of natural mattresses, which offer a special sleeping experience, is the health properties they offer with the materials used. While these features make positive contributions to your physical and psychological health, they also provide a restful sleep experience. Organic mattresses provide effective protection against skin problems with their breathable structure. Most conventional mattresses are made of synthetic materials. Synthetic mattresses contain chemicals because they are materials produced in a factory environment. These chemicals can have harmful effects on humans. Various skin problems and allergic reactions may occur due to synthetic material. Organic mattresses, which offer the most suitable surface for especially sensitive and all skin types, prevent these problems with their natural ingredients and prevent your skin from being damaged. In addition, thanks to their air-permeable structure, they can be used easily by everyone.

How should the mattress be chosen for children according to age?

Sui Sleep Newborn mattress is designed taking into account newborn bone development and safety, and is suitable for use in cribs and cots next to the mother. With its safe design and non-embedding structure, it is ideal for the mother's home. It is designed to support your baby's bone development and to be hard enough not to sink even if the baby turns over during sleep. It has a height of 6 cm and a washable cotton cover.

Sui Twist mattress is a double-sided children's mattress specially designed for use from newborn to childhood. The height of the mattress is 15 cm. 100% natural latex is used in the mattress, which was designed considering the needs of every period from newborn to childhood. During the period of 0-12 months, its safe surface with a non-embedding structure turns into a carrier layer after 12 months, allowing it to be used for many years. The natural latex surface, which can be used overlapping from the 12th month onwards, provides ideal support to your child's spine during the development process and helps maintain the temperature balance in the mattress thanks to its organic structure.

Doa Jr. mattress is a healthy, safe and comfortable children's mattress made of natural latex. It is suitable for use after 1 year of age. Mattress height is 18 cm. Your child will experience the most natural form of sleep for many years, thanks to the latex mattress made of 100% organic latex with its hypoallergenic structure and designed for child development. Latex mattress with open-cell structure also minimizes sweating complaints. Harmful factors such as house dust cannot survive on it. Your child sleeps comfortably and uninterruptedly. Doa Jr. is specially produced for those who seek 100% naturalness for their children. It provides ideal support throughout the development process of children.

Uniq Jr., which was developed taking into account the developmental processes of children with its customizable softness / hardness option, is suitable for use after the age of 6. Mattress height is 26 cm. It is designed to support the development of the spine, considering the developmental periods of children. It is a mattress that supports long-lasting and healthy growth.

What should a 7-year-old child's mattress be like?

The choice of mattress for 7-year-old children should be one that supports their body and meets their increased mobility during the day. Since there are significant changes in body structures during this age period, it is important to choose mattresses that meet your sleep needs.

When choosing a mattress for children, spring mattresses should not be used, especially during this period. Spring mattresses apply pressure to the body, and this pressure prevents the spine from assuming its natural position. Since the hard structure of the springs prevents the spine from taking an upright position during sleep, this may negatively affect the physical development of children. It is of great importance that the mattress has natural content. Mattresses with synthetic components have adverse effects on health, including skin and respiratory. Because these mattresses reduce sleep quality with the toxic chemicals they contain. Mattresses with natural ingredients that provide the healthy sleep they need, protect them from the harm of chemicals and prevent the deterioration of their sleep health. When choosing a mattress for a child, mattresses of medium hardness, not too soft or too hard, are recommended for the age of 7. Care should be taken to ensure that these mattresses are airy.

Is Latex Mattress Suitable for Children?

Latex mattresses are a type of natural mattress that allows children to sleep uninterrupted and healthy. Latex is obtained specifically from the trunk of the rubber tree. This liquid obtained from the tree using special methods is turned into blocks. These blocks provide a quality sleep experience when used in mattress .

100% natural latex is used in Sui Sleep products. Natural latex, which has a hypoallergenic structure, supports your child's spine development and sweating complaints are minimized thanks to the breathable materials. Latex is the longest-lasting material used in mattresses with its organic and flexible structure. Latex, produced sustainably from natural resources, is an environmentally friendly raw material.

Spring Mattress or Foam Mattress for a Child?

Spring mattresses use springs instead of materials that help discharge the body's electricity. This can cause tension and heaviness in the body. This situation is extremely risky for sensitive babies who need to be calmed. Babies who feel nervous may have difficulty falling asleep. Therefore, it may cause them to suffer from restlessness and insomnia for the rest of the day. In spring mattresses, pressure occurs at the mattress level due to the resistance of the springs. This pressure can affect bone development and prevent the spinal cord from developing properly. Foam mattresses are durable and long-lasting in proportion to the density of the foam used. You can choose foam mattresses for children. You should prefer a healthy mattress made of foam instead of spring mattresses.

Hard Mattress for a Child?

The hardness of the mattress is important when choosing a mattress for children. Since very hard mattresses will disturb the child, constant sleep disruptions may occur. Mattresses that are too soft negatively affect the child's muscle and bone development. It would be beneficial to choose a medium-hard mattress suitable for the physical development of children. The most ideal mattress type for a child is a medium hard mattress.

What should be the ideal mattress height for children?

The overall dimensions of a mattress are determined by the mattress size. For children's mattresses , the mattress should be 10 cm high. The height should be no more than 20 cm or 16 cm.

Cleaning Children's Bedding

Recommendations for cleaning children's mattresses are as follows;

  • Air out the mattress and duvet every morning.
  • Make sure the mattress is ventilated when you change the sheets and bedding.
  • Use protective mats against mites.
  • Wash sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and covers once a week.
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